Custom Work

Customization is available!
  • A piece you currently own. We can work to pick a new style, color, and finish for a piece you already have.
  • A piece you know you need, but you just don't have yet. I can help to search for and find the piece you have probably already fell in love with, but just don't have yet. 

  • Pricing includes cost of materials, labor hours, and paint and finish of your choice.
  • An estimate will be provided prior to starting your piece. A final invoice will be provided upon completion.
  • A 25% deposit will be requested prior to starting a customized piece.
  • If you know of the style of furniture you are looking for but just haven't found it yet, we can go on the hunt for you! A small finders fee may be requested.
  • Let's talk! To provide the best estimate, let us know what paint, finish, and knobs you would like for your piece. Inspiration pictures are always great! If you aren't sure, we can provide suggestions.
  • It is assumed you will be dropping off and picking up your piece. If delivery or shipping is necessary, let us know and we would be happy to include this in your estimate!
  • The current turn around time for a customized piece is 2-3 weeks. If we are going on the hunt for a certain piece you have in mind, the 2-3 weeks will start once it is found and in our possession.
Feel free to contact us at for an estimate or with any questions!

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